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The It Can't Be Done, No Way, You've Got To Be Kidding, Crazy Or Unbelievably Stupid To Try It, Handbook For Success
by Clayton Bye
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Reviewed by: John L. Hoh, Jr.

The title of this book is rather long. In fact, the BookIdeas database might truncate it. If that's the case, the full title is The It Can't be Done, No Way, You've Got to be Kidding, Crazy or Unbelievably Stupid to Try it, Handbook for Success.

At its heart this is a book about sales and marketing. Now, before you go on to read the next review, pause, take a deep breath, and I'll explain why you may want to read this book.

Mr. Bye relates that we all sell something. You might think you are an engineer or writer or administrative assistant or whatever vocation you hold. But when you are unemployed or looking for a better job, are you not selling yourself? Isn't that what a resume does in part? And if the resume gets you in the door (an interview), then you sell yourself to the decision makers. Or when you date (or attempt to), aren't you "selling" yourself?

The book also addresses goals in life. Anything worth having is worth striving for and making an effort for. Mr. Bye reinforces the notion that success and goals require effort.

I enjoyed Mr. Bye equating sales to a relationship. A good salesman isn't making a sale but looking for a "win-win." The offer you make to another person has to have value. In working with churches trying to grow through evangelism, I see this lack of a relationship dynamic. People have to feel comfortable about something before they invest time, cash, or emotions into it. There has to be a relationship built into the experience. Mr. Bye even asks if you (the reader) have gone back after a sale and asked if the promises made were kept. You may not get a negative response; but having the thoughtfulness to ask makes a difference. I remember after buying a car returning to the dealership with a problem. The dealership had their "policies." I asked to see the salesman and was told he no longer worked there. Do you think I have gone back to that dealership since? You see the promises made weren't fulfilled and I feel I didn't "win."

Mr. Bye uses many anecdotes to make his points. That helps ground what he is writing.

Thomas Edison is held up often as an example, not only for his triumphs but also for the many failures that led to the triumphs. He notes how Edison persevered through over a thousand experiments to develop the incandescent bulb. He also records the positive spirit Edison had when his lab burned down in a total loss. Edison's reply? "Now we can start from scratch!"

Each chapter ends with questions the reader can contemplate or ponder. I like the way these questions tie up the theme of each chapter.

You will also like Clayton Bye's "Four A's of Accomplishment." At least twice he enumerates them:


I see this book as not only for salespeople, who are its primary audience, but also for people needing motivation in life. Churches can glean insights for outreach as well as building relationships.

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